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Polaris Prize


The Polaris Potentials for AUX.tv was a special feature pitched to AUX by pomoBoho Media, focusing on a different Polaris Prize shortlist nominee each week leading up to the Gala and announcement of the winner. Some of the stories were print content, others video only. And some, like this one for Week 9, were a combination of the two.

Nelson Tam: Content Producer / Videographer.

Week 9: Fucked Up

Almost a year ago, Fucked Up played a show in the men’s room of MTV, leaving a few thousands of dollars in damages. In less than a week, they will return to the Masonic Temple to play the Polaris Gala. It will be a special performance – likely drastically different from any other they’ve had – with the audience to consist of music industry + musician types as opposed to the usual motley of philistines and ruffians. As Damian “Pink Eyes” Abraham tells me, “the seventh member of the band, which is the audience, changes it every time.” And, as if things weren’t interesting enough, 2006 Polaris winner Owen Pallett will be joining them on stage.

The Chemistry of Common Life stands almost surprisingly well on its own. Given the notoriety of the band’s live performances, you’d think the record would be dwarfed in comparison. However, it’s simply a different high than the live show – read over the lyrics; you’ll find that there’s some serious brain business going on. You’ll also find a pretty enjoyable listen – even for those not inclined towards hardcore punkĀ  – with the inclusions of congos and flutes on certain tracks. Surprise.

When I met with Abraham at Toronto record store Hits and Misses earlier this week, it wasn’t – for better or worse – the incarnation of the man that many have seen bloodied and screaming. And if Fucked Up’s Polaris nomination wasn’t enough proof, you’ll find in the accompanying Q + A that there’s more to the band than what you might see on stage.